What’s the most effective ammunition in the battle for attention?

In an age where we can watch our favourite shows on the way to work, share images instantly and carry the worlds knowledge in our pockets, how do companies get at that most precious of commodities, our time?

The simple answer is that there's no simple answer. But there are ways of thinking that can help to unearth unexpected and engaging outcomes. We've been working in digital with museums and galleries for over 10 years to help make noticeable and memorable stories out of educational content. We've now started to bring this mix of behavioural psychology and awareness of current and cutting edge technologies to brands, retail and creative agencies. We shared some of our thinking on attention, behaviour and technology at a lunchtime talk for Start JudgeGill.

What makes us stop and take notice, what engages our attention and how can we affect behaviour to create action? While we wait for the film of the presentation to be edited and uploaded, we've posted the deck to Slideshare. The loss of the (unscripted and sometimes rambling) vocal element means that its only part of the story. To get the whole picture, drop us a line or give us a call.

Creating effective ammunition in the battle for attention from icoEx



Steve Lloyd