As the year starts, it's traditional to reflect on the year that has passed and because it's an opportunity to attack the coming year with renewed vigour.

In Japan in December it's traditional to drink to the past as a way of forgetting it (bōnenkai). There is also a shinnenkai drink-up anytime in January to welcome the new one. I'm combining the two: a celebratory look at some of last year's great stuff as a way of setting our sights higher, and a standing on the shoulders of giants recalibration for the year ahead. So here's five great things from the lost world of 2013.

Rain room

All you need to know about this installation is a sentence on the Barbican's website “The Rain Room queue currently stands at eight hours."

People were prepared to queue for eight hours to stand in the rain. Amazing.


If 2013 was the year of mobile video, thanks to Vine and Instagram, then maybe 2014 belongs to Flipagram. Launched on Android six months ago its now #1 app in over 80 countries. Looking forward to seeing how these mini movies are used and evolve in the months ahead.

Rob and Nick Carter

Its a long time since I stood and stared at an artwork for more than 10 minutes. I was transfixed for over an hour by the Transforming exhibition at the Fine Art Society. Digital artworks that have taken over three years to make, they combine the best CGI available with a playful but critical eye to produce a new take on old masters.

Sou Fujimoto

Serpentine Pavillion 2013 by Sou Fujimoto

Creating an ephemeral cloud-like structure from cold hard steel might seem impossible, but Sou Fujimoto made it look easy. Cycling past this skeletal structure throughout the summer meant I saw it bathed in different kinds of light, and like a cloud each one was different. Building of the year for me, and maybe more special in that also like a cloud, it has now disappeared.

Secret Cinema

Well known for doing large scale innovative screenings, I was suitably impressed when visiting the Secret Cinema staging of Terry Gilliam's Brazil. A spectacular theatrical, cinematic and immersive experience (in Croydon). Comedy, excitement, embarrassment and cocktails and a distinctly unusual way to spend an evening.



Steve Lloyd