3 simple things you can do to get more customers

Want more people to find you, your brand or your product or service? then read on...

1. Write eye catching headlines

Yes, my listicle title was a deliberate attempt to get you to read this, but it is based on the hard facts that people are more likely to click on articles titled how to.. or the future of.. or 3 ways to... It's also based on the understanding that headlines need to get the attention of a wide audience, with the idea that the next piece of content is equally interesting. So here's a useful tip for most organisations.

2. Fire your social media agency

Seriously. Do you currently have an agency doing social for your business? If you do I totally understand. it's probably because it's easy to outsource to an organisation that will monitor and post for you, so its another thing you don't need to worry about. Thats fine if you're not worried about getting more customers.

Your social channels are where you find out more about your customers and what they think of you. An opportunity to see what your competitors are doing and what conversations are important. If you have agency doing this for you, they set out an amount of hours or number of posts and charge accordingly. Someone at that agency is responsible for the day to day (probably a junior) and someone more senior oversees what's being produced. So how much do you spend a month? How much over a year? What if you spent that money on an employee who's sole responsibility was social 5days a week, not 5 hours a month. For the same money I'll bet you could get someone enthusiastic and motivated about your business and get better insight and results. (If you need help with the job description, take a look at how Mobile ticketing app company Dice recruit staff )

3. Have a plan

This one might sound more obvious. However taking a step back to look at how you communicate to your customers is something that most organisations rarely do, which is a shame as our ever changing digital landscape usually reveals interesting ways to engage and get more people to see your product or service. Like WeWork using the hashtag #dogsofwework that not only encouraged their customers to share photos on Instagram and Twitter, but gave WeWork content for a cute calendar (ah...dogs) An understanding of audience and platforms has certainly contributed to WeWork's success. (currently valued at almost $17 billion) Not all of this is down to pictures of dogs, but a core plan to reach more customers seems to be paying off.

So here's where I let you know that I've put together a creative business tool to make digital planning simple. I've created a physical pack of cards for content strategy. Check out how people are using them on Instagram, read what people are saying on Twitter or contact me to find out how they might work for you.



Steve Lloyd