IcoEx is an experience design and innovation consultancy, based in central London.

We combine content strategy and creativity with technology, to create experiences that attract attention.


  1. Strategy & Experience Design

    Need to solve a problem or capture an opportunity? Looking to build a new product or business? We use design thinking to solve business problem
  2. Design & Creative

    Whether you need compelling campaign creative, a beautiful UI or an experiential concept to delight your customers, we have the experience and talent you're looking for.
  3. Build & Technology

    From web, to mobile, from brain user interfaces to physical tracking we are creative technology specialists who can deliver quality applications and never-before-seen experiences.
  4. Experiential

    Whether you need to launch a new restaurant or create buzz with influencers by creating a one-of-a-kind happening, we can fully deliver outstanding experience.


  1. Creativity

    It's a word that is thrown around liberally, but true creativity is a hugely valuable asset to any business. It's what differentiates you. It's what inspires. It's what separates the good from the best.
  2. Small & specialist

    We think the future lies with small, specialist studios like ours. No more paying over the odds to huge agencies, all owned by the same 5 companies. We pride ourselves on being focused, independent, lean and personable.
  3. Strategic thinking

    We look at challenges and opportunities from all angles in order to create experiences that matter for all those involved, be it the business, the user or those that have the power to influence others. We develop strategies to push quality to new highs whilst minimising risk.
  4. Measurable results

    First-to-market ideas can be hard to measure but we strive to bring accountability and measurable business value to all our work. We use analytics and customer feedback technology to measure brand impact, campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  5. The Value of Brand

    We were born out of one of London's most respected independent design and branding agency. A respect for the value of brand is built deep into our core. We build and grow brand value through exceptional, memorable experiences.
  6. Getting attention

    Novelty is seen as a dirty world, but being different and getting noticed are the first vital steps in a relationship with your customers. Whether its through how your product works or the way you tell your story - getting attention is key to growing a business.