Creative thinking, remarkable technology and powerful experiences. icoEx brings big ideas to life.

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What We Do

icoEx is a digital agency that crafts remarkable installations, experiences campaigns and products.

We build everything from apps, to interactive window displays, to social media campaigns, to interactive exhibitions, to physical products that connect to the internet.

We are a team of designers, producers and creative technologists, based in Central London but our projects are made possible through a strong community of collaborators we’ve nurtured around the world.


Ever walked down a busy Oxford Street and wanted to pull your hair out? We wondered what we could do to make people do just that - and enjoy it.

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Luncheon Meet is a simple app that randomly assigns lunch meetings between different people with a common interest.

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We conceive, design and produce digital experiences, often interactive, across screens, environments and physical objects.

Strategy & Consulting
Concept Development
Interface Design & Build
Experiential Design
Physical Design & Build
Software Development
Social & Content Marketing
Behavioural Insight
Production & Project Management

Select Clients

Science Museum Wellcome Trust Southbank Centre Wieden Kennedy Deciem KPMG Snog GFSmith

“Just as you think you have heard and seen everything in marketing, icoEx opens a whole new and very wide doorway.”

Brandon Truaxe, CEO at DECIEM INC.

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